A Pastime of Lakshmi Narasimha!

 Pastime of Lakshmi Narasimha!

In one of the previous Kalpa (prior to one mentioned in SB) pastimes of
Narasimha Deva were slightly different.

In that Kalpa also Hiranyakasipu 
become very powerful and he was torturing Prahalada in various ways and finally he said that at a particular time I will kill you. Ask you Lord to protect you if He can.

So this time Narasimha didn't appear from the 
wall but He came flying over the city of Hiranyakasipu.

Hiranyakasipu had got boon also little different from Brahma. He didn't
ask for that he should niether be killed during day nor night.

And he 
had made assembly hall 30000 yojna long (??) and all the demons used to
assemble there and do his Aarti.

So when Lord Narasimha came this Aarti 
was going on.

When inhabitants of city saw Him they were surprised Who 
IS THIS strange Creature?

Narasimha Deva directly entered into the 
assembly hall of Hiranyakasipu.

When Hiranyakasipu saw him he asked his 
special army to attack Him.

He shouted "Who is this beast entering into 
my palace without my permission? Kill him immediately."

So the special 
force attacked Narasimha but all of them were burn by the effulgence coming out of His body( hair).

similarly all of the military of Hiranyakasipu was destroyed then he himself started throw different weapons on Lord.

And finally Brahma Astra. But when everything failed he 
attacked with sword in his hand.

Then Narasimha caught him in His hand 
like one catch a insect and putting him on His lap tore him apart and garlanded Himself with his intestines.

This time again He was very angry 
and due to effulgence coming out of His body no one was able to pacify Him.

Finally all the demigods requested Lakshmi to cool Him down. 

When Lakshmi approached Him, He was cool done. And the effulgence which was
like millions of sun shining together and transformed to moon like effulgence by Lord and this cooled everything and everyone was happy.

Then Narasimha put Lakshmi Devi on His lap.

This is how Lakshmi Narasimha 
diety is worshipped, With Lakshmi sitting on the lap of Narasimha Deva and Prahlada offering standing near by.