I am frequently approached by the followers of our sites to check their Horoscope (Kundali) and the match for marriage. So, I am giving this service to check your Horoscope (Kundali) WITH THE GUARANTEE OF FULL PRIVACY & SECRECY FOR THE DETAILS YOU SHARE WITH ME.

Please note, I don't send ready made & stored predictions given by some automated softwares as done by some astrologers that will not be accurate like the one specially customized for you! And, I do not load plenty of confusing technical data/details to show the reply big. I do them in my note book before preparing the report for you. I give only the essential points and planetary position understandable for a common man.

I PERSONALLY PREPARE & TYPE YOUR HOROSCOPE (KUNDALI) REPORT spending atleast 3-4 hours exclusively for you to thoroughly analyze to get the best possible details!

Therefore, I may not be able to analyse more than two horoscopes a day in 8-10 hrs.  If you like to ask extra questions before (or) after getting the report, pay for it as mentioned in the details.

As per the  Rules of astrology and the Laws of the countries, the period of death & Gender of carrying or next child will not be analysed and revealed.  The astrologers will incur severe, unclearable karma if they violate these rules.



A Clear report with essential points in about three A4 Size pages will be mailed! Do not club many questions as a single question! If you have more questions, pay extra and write additional questions that will help the site to grow.

NOTE:  Issues between any two persons (including childlessness) need the analysis of the horoscope (Kundali) of both the persons concerned. They should use ISSUE ANALYSIS REPORT in the Option-3 below THAT COST JUST Rs.700 EXTRA.

FEES:  Rs.2800/- in India (or) USD 50 for overseas.  [For every additional question, Rs.800 (For overseas, USD 13) extra.]

Send the person's Date, Exact Time and Place of Birth AND Three Questions to the mail id:

Pay the Fees through UPI (or) Gateways given in THIS PAGE of this Site.


A Clear report in about 4-5 A4 Size pages with the reply for your ten questions will be mailed! If you need the Predictions of all the important aspects indicated by a horoscope (Kundali) (Eg: Money flow + Profits, Family Nature,  Speech, Parents, Properties/ Vehicles, Children, Devotion, Diseases, Enemies, Loans, Marriage, Spouse, Doshas, Career/ Business, Expenses/Losses, etc.).

The Fee is Rs.6800 in India (or) USD 115 for Overseas

You Should ask UP TO NINE questions
related to the above aspects that will be replied in the report. You can use this option for yourself or your children, to have an idea about their future.

Send the person's Date, Time and Place of Birth with UPTO 9 Questions related to the above topics to the mail id:

Pay the Fees through UPI (or) Gateways given in THIS PAGE of this Site.


If the issue faced by you requires the analysis of the horoscopes of two persons, this service alone should be used, not the above two.  For example, In case the query is about issues/ dealings between Husband and Wife (or) A Parent and you (or) You and your child (or) You and any other person, it will be better and more perfect to analyze the horoscope (Kundali) of BOTH THE PERSONS to come to the best conclusion based on both the horoscopes. In this Option also, you can ask three questions. A Clear report in about 3 A4 Size pages will be mailed! 

Fee for Combined analysis:  Rs.3900 (USD 67 for overseas).  Send the birth details of both the persons involved. The second person's Horoscope (Kundali) is only for the reference and the report will be prepared only for you but adjusting/ comparing with another person's horoscope.

Send the TWO persons' Date, Time and Place of Birth AND THREE QUESTIONS you like to ask, to the mail id:

Pay the Fees through UPI (or) Gateways given in THIS PAGE of this Site.


Not just 12 matches, but, a Complete report! A Clear report in about 2-3 A4 Size pages will be mailed! In addition to checking 12 Matches,  the FOUR doshas related to marriage and the nature/ character analysis of both the boy and girl are also analyzed! 

No Questions to be asked as the manually typed report, in its common format covers all the required considerations to be done before marriage.. If there is any question, add Rs.800 (USD16) extra for each question.

Fees: Rs.2600/- in India (or) USD 48 for overseas for the first time checking of your match with a girl or boy.  Loyalty Discount:  To check your match with another girl or boy in future, you need to pay Rs.1300 only (USD26) for second time and any number of times beyond that.   Note: If you had used any other astro services earlier and now order for this match analysis, this discount will not apply.  This discount is only for the same person's second time match analysis with a different girl or boy.

Send the date, time and place of birth of both the boy and girl, to the mail id:

Pay the Fees through UPI (or) Gateways given in THIS PAGE of this Site.


Don't you have your horoscope copy in a standard format to be used whenever you need? Do you need a copy of your clear horoscope in the standard format COMPARING TWO PANCHANGS?

You can use this service by paying Rs.800 (Or) USD16.

You will be sent a PDF file of the complete horoscope of yours in two or three Pages in English with all the required details that can be filed as the standard copy and can be given to the bride or groom.  This horoscope (Kundali) will be accurate and SPECIFIC TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU TOOK BIRTH (anywhere in the world).  Note:  Planet position (degrees) varies from place to place. So, I send accurate horoscope of yours with the placement of planets and ascendant specific for your place of birth.  You can save it in your computer or smartphone or as a print out and use it throughout your life for any purpose.  You can also translate it in your own local language and keep.

Send the date, time and place of birth (No Questions), to the mail id:

Pay the Fees through UPI (or) Gateways given in THIS PAGE of this Site.


(IMPORTANT:  This is NOT for New Comers! This facility should be used ONLY AFTER getting the report for the first FOUR SERVICES mentioned above!

After getting the Horoscope (Kundali) analysis/ MATCHING report THAT IT WILL BE COMPLETE WITH REQUIRED DETAILS, some times, you may like to ASK EXTRA QUESTIONS beyond the permitted number of questions, to know further about the report sent by him! After getting the above mentioned services, if you like to ask more questions based  on the report sent to you, the following fees are charged:

For every extra question:   Rs.800 (Or, USD 16 for overseas)

To ask extra questions, send your questions using the same mail thread that has my previous report to the mail id:

Pay the Fees through UPI (or) Gateways given in THIS PAGE of this Site.


The fees collected are used to meet the cost of the Free Service to Krishna thru this site. Please do not send less than the amount mentioned above guessing that it will be accepted. Please do not send less than the amount mentioned above guessing that it will be accepted. They will not be sent replies and the money will be considered as donation for the site.  So, send only the exact amount mentioned here to get horoscope (Kundali) Services.  This request is made to you to help me to keep the administration of the sites free from wasting the time in unnecessary communication, refunds, etc. that consumes much time amidst my tight schedule.


Very easy and you can pay through your mobile or laptop itself. The devotees from outside India may pay using PAYPAL Gateway Link AND Indian residents may pay through ANY MOBILE UPI PAYMENT APPS or through the secured PAYUMONEY Gateway Link given in THIS PAGE of this Site.

Both are the reputed and safe gateways and you need not fear for the safety of transactions and hundreds of devotees are using the same.

*You can use your PAYTM, Googlepay, Phonepe and other Payment Apps, Bank apps, Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, etc to make payments. The options are shown in the Payment Checkout page of both the gateways.

* You will be shown immediate confirmation of acceptance of your payment by PAYUMONEY or PAYPAL immediately after making the payment.

*The admin of the site RAJAN will also mail you within 4 hours (mostly within minutes or hours) to confirm the receipt of your payment and details, from his official mail id:

* The Horoscope Report will be sent within 4 days in queue depending on the number of assignments I have at that time, with suggestions, in the size of about two or three A4 sized pages, to the mail id given by the readers in their request mail.

* The Rasi Chart with Bhava (or) Navamsa Chart will be attached with the reply for the reference of the devotees.

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(1) Thanq very much prabhuji...thanq for Ur valuable advises..I will definitely follow them...yes prabhuji I will recommend your  service for others for sure..I always have trust in Ur and my friend named ......................  following your page and reading Ur posts since 2014..even .................. also used Ur astrology service and took astrological advises from you before..thanq very much prabhuji.. defenetly Ur services will reach more and more people n people also will be benefited by your services....

(2) Thanks for ur amazing prediction prabuji. If i had known about u before my marriage i would have been excellently guided and protected from many issues but once again that's the game plan of prakriti and it's not upto anyone. Still ur words and the way u present the details are very soothing to me prabuji. Thank u so much for ur service.i will one hundred percent recommend u to everyone i know for sure. May Krishna bless u to continue this service prabuji. Hare Krishna stay blessed.

(3) Thank you very much for your predictions.  It really helped us. And also I can do upbringing of my daughter in a much better way now.  We have much clear vision of everything now.  In future someone needs this service.  I will definitely recommend your name.  May Krishna bless you always.  Hare Krishna.

(4) Hare Krishna Prabhuji. I have no words to thank you. I trust each and every word of yours. Your reply and suggestions have filled my heart with devotion and love for Krishna. The fact about job is absolutely true. Though I have Central Govt. job still I sometimes feel that it does not suit my capabilities and qualifications. But I take it as my karma.  I am very much delighted and satisfied with your reply Prabhuji and surely will  follow your suggestions. I will  recommend it to others also. First, I will show it to my father, he will definitely feel thankful to you. Thank You very much Prabhuji. Stay blessed.

(5) Hare Krsna Prabhuji,  Many thanks for your detailed analysis and guidance steps to tackle the issues. Will follow them accordingly.

(6) Thanx your reply made me very Happy and satisfied! All glories to Sri Dwarkadeesh prabhu!

(7) Thanq very much prabhuji...I will definitely follow your tips

(8) Hare Krishna Prabhuji,   I am now pretty cleared about my decisions after all your predictions. It’s really helpful. As per your advice I’ll find myself a guru to guide me with future life.  May Krishna bless you with good health and wealth.

(9) Yes Prabhuji, thank you very much.. we read ur reply yesterday and was very satisfied. ....very valuable guidance as always. Shall keep in touch.  Wish you Krishna’s grace always.

(10) Dear Prabhu,  Thanks a lot Prabhu for your useful advice and predictions. I'll keep it in mind & act accordingly in the future.

(11) thank u .. very useful for a good future .. really open my eye and light my future... I read and understand all .. acting as you advice ..

(12) Thank you so much for this wonderful predictions. As you said, I like Narsingh Dev and his ISKCON aarti , when i heard first time i m in ectasy, thank you so much.

(13) Thanks Prabhuji. I am extremely satisfied with your services and also to your punctuality, sticking to your given time-frame strictly.

(14) Pranam.. Thanks for your kind concession and  early reply. I am surprised to know that how you predicted accurately he is diabetic patient!.. It is in his genes; yes his Mother , younger brother and her Father (His Thatha) was diabetic!.. He had 200 above.. but I am regularly giving ayurvedic medicines, so its considerably lowering his disease.. It means you are a very good astrologer! (LOL)..

(15) Thank for your predictions for my children'ss horoscope. Totally i am satisfied by God grace.

(16) Thank you so much for your detailed analysis prabhuji.

(17) I am very much blessed by reading this email. I never ever imagined this. I am honored and I must say I am deeply devoted to Hanumanji. I am a changed person because of you. I felt a Lil upset though when I knew I will live for such a long time. I will surely recommend your services to as many as I can.

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(20) Thanks for your kind prayers , blessings!  Lord's photo and .........'s marksheet are attached herewith! One thing is clear when u gave his prediction, It was difficult for  me to believe, as we were seeing no future for him seeing his present performance!! Your predictions never go wrong!

(21) Thank u so much sir ,ur really the best and amazing astrologer I have come across so far. And I DNT know if u remember u did marriage matching between me and my partner . (As said by you) Few days days we broke up he cheated on me with an another girl sir.

(22) I am grateful to you for such a detailed and simplified report. It is really very helpful for me. Her aggressive approach was cause of my concern because as a girl i was expecting that she should be humble, cooperating following etc and i  was thinking how she will manage egos of her future husband and family but after reading your predictions i am relieved. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Really i am thankful to you.

(23) Hare Krishna Prabhu ji.  Thank you for answering my friend ............... soo aptly . I suggested her to go in for your help. By Krishna's blessings n grace your advices are perfect and apt.  Dandvats pranam. Your forever admirer,.......

(24) Thank for your predictions my children horoscope totally i am satisfied by God grace...

(25) Thank you so much for this wonderful predictions. As you said I like Narsingh Dev and his ISKCON aarti , when i heard first time i m in ecstasy , thank you so much, Please pray to Krishna for my spiritual life.


Many still have doubts whether a Horoscope (Kundali) can tell one’s life.

I myself have many times written about the authenticity of ONLY the vedic horoscope (Kundali) astrology (Not palmistry or numerology or any other forms).

I too am seeing many proofs in my analysis of the horoscopes of many people.


(1) Even in my family,I could predict that one of my elder brothers will die in his age of 51. He died of heart attack in his age of 51.

(2) My father who was also an astrologer said that he will die on the day of next ekadasi when I was 15.  He was normal till the dasami day. On the day of ekadasi, at 8.00 am, he started having difficulty in breathing and died within 30 minutes at 8.30 am as said by him.

(3) I predicted that my mother may have a chance to go back to Krishna seeing her innocence and blind faith in Krishna that she learnt from me.  Yes, my mother embraced Krishna seriously seeing me because I did not leave her just to follow devotion. She was convinced with my practical approach in devotion and also following my responsibilities. So, she was always uttering the names of Krishna.

As predicted by me, she too died on the ekadasi day suddenly.  Her last activity was reading Bhagavad Gita.  So, she must have been thinking of Krishna when she died that ensures a place in Krishna’s kingdom because Krishna says that whoever dies thinking of Him will come to His kingdom.

(4) Once, my relative gave me a horoscope of her friend.  I just saw that and asked her whether they are longing for a child.  She was surprised how I found it. I said that they will get child only if they follow strict penances.

(5) In the same month, another relative gave her sister’s horoscope (Kundali) for prediction.  I asked my first question to the parents: “Is she loving and wandering with a boy?”.  Her parents were stunned with the direct shot that they agreed and that was the reason for their contacting me.

(6) A thrilling Proof:

One of my neighbour woman asked me to give the predictions for her younger sister. She said that her sister parted her husband and applied for divorce. She was also attending the hearings regularly.

After analyzing her horoscope, I told her that her sister’s horoscope does not show any separation from her husband, but, just some temporary issues.

She could not believe because her sister was very firm in divorcing her husband and the final hearing had been scheduled for next month. She had also brought all her things from her husband’s house. She is now living with her brother’s house since her father had already died.

But, I said that she will not part her husband permanently if the date/time/place of birth are correct.

She thanked me with doubt and left.

Next month, she came back to me with a smiling face and told:

“I could not believe what happened. Yesterday, she attended final hearing for her divorce. Her husband requested the judge that he wants to have a brief discussion with his wife. After he discussed for just five minutes, she agreed to live with him again and told the judge that she is withdrawing the divorce application. Now, she has gone back to her husband’s house and is happy”

I just smiled and told:  “Laws of Karma are stronger than Laws of Countries. Since she has no separation from her husband, she rejoined with him at the last moment before the divorce is signed and approved by the judge”

This incident increased how beautiful and authentic our scriptures are! The horoscope (Kundali) astrology is a part of Vedas.  The Vedas were preached by Krishna Himself to Brahma deva.  So, Horoscope astrology is the sastra given by Krishna. Since Krishna is true, His Vedas and horoscope astrology must also be true. In reverse, if the vedic astrology is true, its source Krishna should also be true.

It was again and again proved in my experience that our scriptures, particularly those written by Veda Vyasa, are authentic.

Since Veda Vyasa was the literary avatar of Krishna Himself, Krishna is also true and existing.

The above incidents are just a few out of more than hundred proofs I have experienced.


Just go to THIS PAGE of our another site that gives the links of ALL the Posts of that site.  Look for the Title of category "ASTROLOGY" from them and read all the post under them by clicking every link.  You will get sufficient knowledge about doshas and the authenticity of Vedic Horoscope Astrology.