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Satisfying both Parents and Krishna in your marriage!

  Satisfying both Parents and Krishna in your marriage! This is where the devotees should balance their family and their devotion. Of course this is a difficult matter to decide by us. You need to satisfy both your expectations as well as parents’ expectations in a single decision. This happens in many families of the devotees. Here, I do not wish to give an adamant advice. I like to guide you practically. In any marriage, we need the satisfaction and blessings of the parents. You are not an initiated devotee yet. So, you are not bound by any limits and rules right now except the principles. If you decide to satisfy your parents’ wish, you should relax your plans. Before doing that, first try your best to convince your parents through any of your influencial relative(s). Explain your genuine stand to them and request them to convince your parents. If any relative who has more influence or respect to your parents advise your parents, they may agree. If this is not

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