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THE NINE SONS-IN-LAW - STORY There is a story called praharena dhananjaya. One gentleman had eight or nine  daughters and sons-in-law.  So when they came to stay there, he was giving them  good food and shelter, everything.  They were thinking, "We are living very  comfortably at our father-in-law's expense."  So they did not want to go. The   father in law thought, "It is very dangerous that all these sons-in-law are not  going."  So then he began to neglect providing for them. On the first day he  did not supply salt.  One son-in-law said, "Oh, they are now disrespectful.  They haven't given salt."  So one went away. And the next day he didn't supply  something else. Gradually he shortened it down, and those who were intelligent,  they went away. But the last one, he was not going.  He thought, "At least it  is somewhere to sleep." Then his brothers-in-law thought, "Give him good  beating." And then he went away. MORAL

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