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A Pastime of Lakshmi Narasimha!

  A  Pastime of Lakshmi Narasimha! In one of the previous Kalpa (prior to one mentioned in SB) pastimes of Narasimha Deva were slightly different. In that Kalpa also Hiranyakasipu  become very powerful and he was torturing Prahalada in various ways and  finally he said that at a particular time I will kill you. Ask you Lord to  protect you if He can. So this time Narasimha didn't appear from the  wall but He came flying over the city of Hiranyakasipu. This  Hiranyakasipu had got boon also little different from Brahma. He didn't ask for that he should niether be killed during day nor night. And he  had made assembly hall 30000 yojna long (??) and all the demons used to assemble there and do his Aarti. So when Lord Narasimha came this Aarti  was going on. When inhabitants of city saw Him they were surprised Who  IS THIS strange Creature? Narasimha Deva directly entered into the  assembly hall of Hiranyakasipu. When Hiranyakasipu saw him he asked his  special army to attack Him. H

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