Is it wrong to keep the Krishna Picture in house?

Is it wrong to keep the Krishna Picture in house?

The people keep the pictures of actors in their home.  Keeping the picture of an actress is right for them but,  keeping the photo of the  Krishna is wrong.  This is the trend of kaliyuga. Many people have become very ignorant and hence they preach such superstitious things, but, they do not come towards pure devotion.

Actually, Krishna gives liberation from the material bondage.  So, those who wish to see others always bonded with material life do not like to get liberated immediately.  so, they usually think that Krishna Bakthi is only for the old age. They fear if they have Krishna Pictures in home, their children may get interest in Him and start to think of liberation from material life.  so, they may prefer not to marry and enjoy the material comforts.

So, they have spread a myth like this that keeping Krishna's pictures at home is inauspicious.  For them, thinking of liberation from all the pains inauspicious.

What an ignorant mind?

So, ignore the advice of that person if anyone advices you like that.  Keep Krishna’s picture as much as possible in your home.  Don’t stop with that.  Chant His holy Names daily, offer food to krishna daily, and offer pujas to Krishna daily.

Do these things without fear.  You will become peaceful, and no negative things will happen in your life for which I guarantee. 

If anything happens to you, it is because of your past karma from previous birth(s), not because of keeping Krishna’s picture in house.