One day, Lord Brahma’s four sons came to meet Lord Vishnu.

They were stopped at the entrance by two guards, Jaya and Vijaya, saying that Lord Vishnu was resting.

Brahma’s sons were very angry and cursed Jaya and Vijaya to be born as humans on earth.

Lord Vishnu arrived there and apologized for Jaya and Vijaya’s behaviour as they were merely doing their duty.

So, as a compensation, Brahma’s sons said that curse would be lifted when Jaya and Vijaya in human forms would meet their death at Lord Vishnu’s hands.

Then, Jaya and Vijaya were born as humans on Earth. They were named Hiranya Kashyap and Hiranyaksha.

When they were born, both the earth and the heaven saw so much of negative signs.

Indra went to Lord Vishnu and said, “At their birth itself, there is so much chaos. What will happen when they’ll grow up?”

“Don’t worry, Indra,” said Lord Vishnu. “I’ll kill them when the time comes and no harm will come to anybody.”

Hiranyaksha became a young man. He was a great devotee of Lord Brahma.

He gave a lot of time in penance when Lord Brahma appeared and gave him a boon that no God, human, Daitya or Asura would be able to kill him.

So Hiranyaksha started displaying his strength as he was assured of his immortality.

He turned his waist side to side and began churning the sea. Due to this, waves lashed the sea.

Varuna Deva was very scared on seeing such a scene. He started was looking for a place to hide. But Hiranyaksha chased him.

At this, Varuna Deva accepted his defeat and declared that he could not defeat Hiranyaksha as he was the strongest of all.

And then Hiranyaksha was filled with pride. He went on churning the sea waters and walked through the sea. Then he met Narad Muni.

Hiranyaksh asked him,” “Is there anyone stronger than me?”

Narad Muni said, “Yes, Lord Vishnu is the strongest.”

Hiranyaksha searched for Lord Vishnu everywhere but could not find him.

Then he gathered the whole Earth into a round ball and went underwater to Pathaal Loka to search for Lord Vishnu.

All the Gods got together and rushed to Lord Vishnu for help.

They said, “Lord please save us. Hiranyaksha has taken Earth and disappeared.”

“Don’t worry. I know he has taken Earth to Pathaal Loka. I’ll soon get Earth back at its position.”

Then Lord Vishnu took the form of a Varaha, a wild boar with two tusks. He went to Pathaal Loka and called Hiranyaksha for fight.

Hiranyaksha used many weapons to strikeVaraha but they had no effect on Him.

Vishnu took his godly form and directed his chakra at Hiranyaksha . The chakra separated his head from his body.

Hiranyaksha died.

Then Lord Vishnu again took the Varaha form, picked the earth that looked like a ball and placed the earth in its original position and again appeared in his true form.