Damodara Month - Some Tips to Observe!

 Damodara Month - Some Tips to Observe!

(1) During Damodara (Kartika) month, every devotee should offer ghee or sesame-seed oil lamps to the Lord Damodara.

(2) Damodara means, Cute Krishna having been tied by His mother with a rope.

(3) Only Ghee lamps made up of clay should be used with a cotton wick to light the lamp.

(4) One should not use the same lamp again and again.  A lamp should be used only once.

(5) It is said that all our Past sins will get cleared if we offer lamps to the Lord Damodara.

(6) In the deity or picture of Damodara, show the lamp four times before the feet; two times before the hip; three times before the face and finally 7 times to the whole body.

(7) You can also keep some lamps at the entrance of the house and in front of the Altar or Puja room.

(8) The best time to show lamp to Damodara is: 6-8PM. However, you can offer at your convenient time in inevitable situations.

(9) While showing the lamp to the deities or Pictures, Recite/ Sing the Damodarashtakam as given in our another site HERE: