How to know Our Real Identity and Revive Krishna Consciousness in us?

How to know Our Real Identity and Revive Krishna Consciousness in us?



“The Isopanisad states, "One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality, with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can cause him illusion or anxiety? This realization is Krsna consciousness. 

There are different kinds of realization, but the devotee of Krsna realizes the truth--that we are qualitatively one with the Lord but quantitatively different from Him. 

The impersonalists think that we are a hundred percent one (equal) with the Lord, or the Supreme Absolute Truth. But that is not a fact. If we were a hundred percent one with the Supreme Lord, then how have we come under the control of maya (illusion)? (While Krishna is not under any control, but the Supreme Lord!)

The impersonalists cannot answer this question”.


“The real nature of our identity with the Supreme is described in the Vedic literature with the analogy of the sparks and the fire. The sparks of a fire have the same quality as the fire, yet they are different in quantity. But when the small spark leaves the fire and falls down in water, its fiery quality is lost.

Similarly, when the infinitesimal soul leaves the association of the Lord and contacts the mode of ignorance, his spiritual quality becomes almost extinct. 

When a spark falls on the land instead of in the water, then the spark retains some heat. Similarly, when the living entity is in the quality of passion, there is some hope that he can revive his Krsna consciousness. And if the spark drops onto dry grass, it can ignite another fire and regain all its fiery qualities.

Similarly, a person who is in the mode of goodness can take full advantage of spiritual association and easily revive his Krsna consciousness. Therefore one has to come to the platform of goodness in this material world.”