When can one avoid speaking truth as said by the the scriptures?

 When can one avoid speaking truth as said by the the scriptures?


In the previous Post, we read Taittriya Upanishad saying that one should never lie that is the last preaching of a guru to his disciples.

The same scriptures give an exemption for the above advice.


Yes, one can avoid speaking truth and remain calm (instead of speaking lie), if he feels that the particular truth may harm or hurt anyone.


A cow was being chased by a man.

The cow ran into the hermitage of a sage.

The man who was chasing the cow asked the sage if he had seen the cow.

The sage replied that he did not know about the cow.


Is it right for the sage hiding the truth?


Right as per the scriptures.

Because had the sage spoken the truth, that man would have killed that cow.

If he hides the fact, the cow can be saved.

The life of cow is the most important.

So, to save one’s life and to save a honest man’s image. We can hide the truth.

Instead of lying, you can remain silent in such situations.

In such situations, silence too is taken as truth.

Because you are saving a good person or living being.

(However, you should not hide the truth to protect a known offender or criminal that adds to karma)

Interesting.  Isn’t it?