Under whose Control the devotees and non devotees are living?

Under whose Control the devotees and non devotees are living? 



“Surrendering to Krsna means having the strong faith that Krsna will save us in any dangerous condition. The first step in surrendering is that we should accept whatever is favorable for devotional service. 

Then we should reject anything that is unfavorable for devotional service. The next stage is the confidence that in any situation Krsna will protect us and maintain us. 

Actually, He is already giving protection and maintenance to everyone. That is a fact. But in maya (illusion) we think that we are protecting ourselves, or that we are feeding ourselves.”


“For the devotees, Krsna personally takes charge of their protection and  maintenance. 

And for the ordinary living entities, Maya-devi--Krsna's external energy--takes charge. 

Maya-devi is Krsna's agent for punishing the conditioned souls. The situation is like what we see in the state: good citizens are taken care of by the government directly, while criminals are taken care of by the government through the prison department. 

In the prison house, the government takes care that the prisoners get sufficient food, and that they get hospital  treatment if they become diseased. The government cares for them--but under punishment.”

Nice Comparison. Isn't it?