Why, How and “Like whom” we must love Krishna?

 Why, How and  “Like whom” we must love Krishna?  

Today’s Post speaks about this!


“Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught, "O Lord! Whether You trample me under Your feet or embrace me or leave me brokenhearted by not being present before me, that does not matter. You are completely free to do anything, for You are my worshipable Lord unconditionally." That is love. 

We should think, "God may do whatever He likes, yet I will still love Him. I don't want anything in exchange." That is the sort of love Krsna wants. 

That is why He is so fond of the gopis. In the gopis' love there is no question of business exchanges like: "Give me this, then I will love You."   Their love was pure, unalloyed, without any impediment. 

If you try to love God in this way, nothing in the whole world can check you. You only have to develop your eagerness--"Krsna! I want You."  That's all.   Then there is no question of being stopped. In any condition your love will increase. 

If you attain that state, you will feel fully satisfied. It is not that God wants you to love Him for His benefit. It is for your benefit.   If you do otherwise, you will never be happy!”