Why Krishna says Bhakti as the easy way to attain Him out of three yogas?

 Why Krishna says Bhakti as the easy way to attain Him out of three yogas?

Krishna has given three yogas to get Him in Bhagaavd Gita - Karma Yoga, Gnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Out of them, He says that Bhakti yoga is superior and easy to come to Him.


Karma yoga and Gnana Yoga requires some understanding and efforts to follow.

But, Bhakti yoga does not require knowledge or efforts.

It requires ONLY OUR SURRENDER to Krishna.

Surrender can be done by any one of any state or qualification.

Another important point is there.

Karma yoga and Gnana yoga can be practised Only by the humans.

But, Bhakti and Surrender can be followed even by the animals, birds and plants.

The bird Jatayu helped Lord Rama to get back Sita by telling the direction of the passage of Ravana while taking Sita. After telling this Jatayu bird died.  

Lord Rama gave Moksha to that bird.

This is the effect of surrender.

Lord Rama gave moksha to the trees and even the blades of grass in Ayodhya.


Because, all those blades of grass were living only to have the darshan of Lord Rama.

The trees in Ayodhya gave fruits Only when Lord Rama is in Ayodhya.

Because,. those trees were existing only for Lord Rama.

Thus, Bhakti and Surrender is Possible even for trees, animals and birds.

Krishna truly likes to take as much Jeevans possible to Him as following tough practices may be difficult for many people including illiterates and other living beings.

That is why, Krishna declared Bhakti and Surrender as the superior among three yogas in Bhagavad Gita.

Interesting. Isn't it?