Why LADDU is offered to Krishna more than any other sweets?

 Why LADDU is offered to Krishna more than any other sweets?

Ha Ha. This is an interesting and sweet information.

In most of the temples of Krishna, whenever they offer Sweets to Krishna, they offer both butter and Laddu.

Laddu is made up of Sugar, Kesari powder and Ghee and is made like a ball and offered to Krishna.

If you like to offer something special on any special day to Krishna, offer Laddu, irrespective of the form you worship - Krishna as a child or a grown up boy or a king of Dwaraka.

He will be very happy and bless you with great Joy.

Ok, what makes laddu special for Krishna?

Because, mother Yasodha used to make laddus daily and give to Krishna when He leaves for the forest every day with the cows.

Krishna will immediately grab all the laddus and fill the pockets of his shirt with laddus.

He will then eat the laddus with his cowherd boy friends.

Since Krishna was fond of laddus taking it daily from His mother, it became His favourite sweet.

Laddu is a popular offering for SRI NATH JI in Rajasthan along with Badam, Pistha, Sweet Puris, etc.

There is a temple for Krishna in the Alapuzha district in Kerala state where a great sweet is offered by boiling milk and sugar called "Milk Payasam". The devotees offer Milk payasam and pray something. They believe that their prayers will be heard by Krishna after drinking their offering of Milk payasam.

Thus, Sweets are very important offering for Krishna - Particularly Laddu and Butter.

Baby Krishna is also sweetly called as Laddu Gopal.