Many Mayavada spiritual personalities preach that everyone can become a God. Is it Possible? Why?


“In a song, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has declared that materialistic education is simply an expansion of maya. The more we advance in this materialistic education, the more our ability to understand God will be hampered. And at last we will declare, "God is dead." This is all ignorance and darkness. 

So, the materialists are certainly being pushed into darkness. 

But there is another class--the so-called philosophers, mental speculators, religionists, and yogis--who are going into still greater darkness because they are defying Krsna. They are pretending to cultivate spiritual knowledge, but because they have no information of Krsna, or God, their teachings are even more dangerous than those of the outright materialists. Why? Because they are misleading people into thinking they are giving real spiritual knowledge. 

The so-called yoga system they are teaching is misleading people: "Simply meditate, and you will understand that you are God." 

Krsna never meditated to become God. He was God from His very birth. When He was a three-month-old baby, the Putana demon attacked Him--and Krsna sucked out her life air along with her breast milk. So Krsna was God from the very beginning. That is God.”

“The nonsense so-called yogis teach, "You become still and silent, and you will become God." 

How can I become silent? 

Is there any possibility of becoming silent? No, there is no such possibility. 

"Become desireless and you will become God." How can I become desireless? 

These are all bluffs. We cannot be desireless. We cannot be silent. But our desires and our activities can be purified. That is real knowledge. We should desire only to serve Krsna. That is purification of desire. 

Instead of trying to be still and silent, we should dovetail our activities in Krsna's service. As living entities, we have activities, desires, and a loving propensity, but they are being misdirected. If we direct them into Krsna's service, that is the perfection of education. 

We don't say that you should not become advanced in material education. You may, but at the same time you should become Krsna conscious. That is our message. 

We don't say that you shouldn't manufacture motorcars. No. 

We say, "All right, you have manufactured these motorcars. Now employ them in Krsna's service." That is our proposal. 

So education is required, but if it is simply materialistic--if it is devoid of Krsna consciousness--it is very, very dangerous. That is the teaching of the Isopanisad.”