Persons who are constantly engaged in the transcendental meditation of seeing Krsna, internally and externally, by thinking of Him playing the flute, entering the Vrndavana forest, and tending the cows with the cowherd boys, have really attained the perfection of samadhi. 

Samadhi (trance) means absorption of all the activities of the senses in a particular object, and the gopis indicate that the pastimes of Krsna are the perfection of all meditation and samadhi. It is also confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita that anyone who is always absorbed in the thought of Krsna is the topmost of all yogis. 

Another gopi expressed her opinion that Krsna and Balarama, while tending the cows, appeared just like actors going to play on a dramatic stage. Krsna was dressed in glowing garments of yellow, Balarama in blue, and They held new twigs of mango tree, peacock feathers, and bunches of flowers in Their hands. Dressed with garlands of lotus flowers, They were sometimes singing very sweetly among Their friends. 

One gopi told her friend, "How is it Krsna and Balarama are looking so beautiful?" 

Another gopi said, "My dear friends, we cannot even think of His bamboo flute--what sort of pious activities did it execute so that it is now enjoying the nectar of the lips of Krsna?" 

Krsna sometimes kisses the gopis; therefore the transcendental nectar of His lips is available only to them, and His lips are considered their property.


The gopis asked: "How is it possible that the flute, which is nothing but a bamboo rod, is always engaged in enjoying the nectar from Krsna's lips? Because the flute is engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord, the mother and the father of the flute must be happy." 

The lakes and the rivers are considered to be the mothers of the trees because the trees live simply by drinking water.  

So the waters of the lakes and rivers of Vrndavana were full of happy lotus flowers because the waters were thinking, "How is it that our son, the bamboo rod, is enjoying the nectar of Krsna's lips?" 

The bamboo trees standing by the banks of the rivers and the lakes were also happy to see their descendant so engaged in the service of the Lord, just as persons who  are advanced in knowledge take pleasure to see their descendants engage in the service of the Lord. 

The trees were overwhelmed with joy and were incessantly yielding honey, which flowed from the beehives hanging on the branches. “


Sometimes the gopis spoke thus to their friends about Krsna: 

"Dear friends, our Vrndavana is proclaiming the glories of this entire earth because this planet is glorified by the lotus footprints of the son of  Devaki.  Besides that, when Govinda plays His flute, the peacocks immediately become mad. 

When all the animals and trees and plants, either on the top of Govardhana Hill or in the valley, see the dancing of the peacock, they all stand still and listen to the transcendental sound of the flute with great attention. We think that this boon is not possible or available on any other planet." 

Although the gopis were village cowherd women and girls, they had knowledge of Krsna. Similarly, one can learn the highest truths simply by hearing the Vedas from authoritative sources.”