The purpose of this rare human birth has been given for us only to make us eligible to go back to Krishna.  

Being athma, our real destination after this birth is Paramathma, ie, Krishna's kingdom only.  

If we miss this birth, we will lose a rare opportunity of getting the mercy of Krishna.

A boy was walking on a bridge across a wide & deep river.

He found a lion at one end of bridge, and a tiger at the another end of bridge.

Both are coming towards him to kill & eat him.

Boy feared as he can't move either side & the other 2 sides had deep waters! 

Water at the 2 sides & Lion + Tiger at other 2 sides. 

He does not know swimming to jump into river! sO Risky!

With no other way, he jumped in to the river to escape from tiger & lion!  

Wow!  He somehow managed to swim though he does not know swimming!  

Somehow, he came to the other bank of river, safely! 

Because he had to save his life, he swam out safely!

What this shows? 

We are under the clutch of maya! There are problems whichever side we go in this world! 

We have no other way to escape! 

If we hesitate to surrender to Krishna (jump into river), we have to take so many births & face difficulties and short term pleasures!

So, Don't hesitate to enter in to Devotional Service seriously! 

Situations (Maya) will always threaten you (Like Lion & Tiger!). 

You MUST save yourself from the painful births & deaths! 

It is the necessity now. 

Just jump into river (devotion)! 

Somehow, you will swim and come out successful! 

Otherwise, Maya (Lion & Tigers) is waiting for you to swallow (pull into material life).   

And, who knows that we will take birth as a human again?  

So, this birth is a rare opportunity to serve Krishna.  

Make use of this birth by getting the mercy of Lord and do not waste this life.

Think it over!