How can the devotees avoid sense disturbances while following devotion?

How can the devotees avoid sense disturbances while following devotion?

Attraction towards opposite gender should be regulated and diverted as per the  recommendations of scriptures.

Because of not tasting the eternal higher taste sufficiently, the senses look for lower tastes that are temporary in nature.

Any devotional practice should be done seriously involving your mind in Krishna’s thoughts.

Now-a-days, the world has become  a place in which there are more and more inducements for today’s youth!  The uncontrolled freedom for both men & women gives some of them courage to deviate from normal life!  He will never be satisfied!

Not all girls/ boys are going like that ! But the percentage is increasing.

Only a small number of media that educate the adverse effects of excessive desires! This is the growing trend of Kali Yuga that is the yuga of sense oriented activities!

See girls and boys as athma, not as bodies.  See Krishna in every living being  & love that person as the part and parcel of Krishna!  We should consider that the Athma is the real living being & the body is only the flesh!

These are just a five to ten minutes pleasures &  it leads to bondage with the opponent!  

All men & women in this world are ‘anatomically’  similar and Everyone  is made up of flesh that smells bad if you don’t take bath for 2 days!

So, why should a person give importance for these fleshy bodies that are going to contaminate after death?  

What to do to control the senses?

Involve in chanting Lord’s Names. Spend more time with devotees that will divert your consciousness towards Krishna.  Take only the food offered to Krishna.  Avoid Rajo/ thamo guna foods like onion, garlic, meat, etc. Hear the lilas of Krishna.

Spend more time with your family members like eating together, discussing together, sleeping together, doing household duties, etc.

If you do so, your interest in such feelings will gradually get regulated and you will start to love Krishna sincerely. 

When you start to love Krishna sincerely, all your mind oscillations will cease to exist.  No girl/ boy can attract you except your legal wife/ husband.

I advise you to marry as early as possible and control your body within the arrangement of marriage life.  The husband & wife together should lead a Krishna Conscious family & be an example to the world!

If you feed the athma with the higher taste of Krishna’s thoughts and consciousness, then, that higher taste will make your mind uninterested in excessive involvement in the lower taste given to the body through senses.