Some Extra advice on Chanting the Holy names of the Lord!

Some Extra advice on Chanting the Holy names of the Lord!

You will find these Important Doubts & Replies on Chanting the Holy names of the Lord very useful for you.
(1) We should not use our left hand for chanting.  In our left hand, all the fingers are impure because we use all the fingers for cleaning the stool also.  Therefore,  it is not advisable to use left hand for chanting.

(i) If a person has no right hand.
(ii) If he has no fingers in his right hand.
(iii) If his right hand has serious burns temporarily.

Otherwise, use only the right hand for chanting.  This is just a mark of respect for Krishna and Tulasi devi.

Will you eat using left hand?  Then why do you think of left hand for chanting?

(2) Chanting can be done while doing some works that do not need our attention.  However, while driving, working on system, doing some technical works, you can avoid it.  
Consider only those rounds that were done as exclusive activity.  Do not count other casual chanting.

(3) Most of the people have time to chat, watch T.V, talk to friends, spend time in FB, to sleep more than 8 hours, etc.  But, they say that they find it difficult to chant more than a certain minutes. More chanting, faster purification from material contamination.  So, faster will be our elevation to Lord’s kingdom.

Therefore, take just 10 minutes from every other activity you do daily and spare that time for chanting.  And, if you get up one hour earlier in the morning, you will have more time for chanting.

(4) You yourself can try chanting within mind. If you come to that level, your whole mind will be involved in the thoughts of Krishna.  It is an automatic process.  When we feel tired, we ourselves will start to chant within mind.  Later, we will start to enjoy that silent chanting within mind  because, it will be very effective since it directly originates from our mind and hence there will be no diversions.

(5) Chanting can make wonders by changing our nature itself, because when we start to chant, we are taking new birth with new characters and suspended karma.

Tips will continue in future.