How to make the Present and Future husband a devotee of Krishna?

How to convert a non devotee husband and 'would be' as devotee?

If you are not  yet married, but, worried about your WOULD BE, here are certain questions to be put in front of him and get his assurances/ promises, before you marry him:

(1) You will not take onion, garlic, non veg, etc as the token of love?

(2) He may demand food even before bathing.  Will he cooperate in this matter?

(3) If you like to take initiation (Diksha) from a guru, will he cooperate with you in this strict rules as the token of love?

(4) Will he understand and bear it if you skip food in his relatives’ houses as the token of love?

(5) Will he be the same kind of person even after 2-3 years of marriage?

These five questions you should ask him clearly and get his promise to cooperate with you.

During the initial days after marriage, the attraction factor may support to much extent in keeping the relations intact.  After 2-3 years, when the life becomes normal after all the glamour and attractions come down,  we can not expect the partner with the same spirit towards us.

I have also written in some other articles that if the devotee girl does not get a Krishna devotee, she may marry atleast a devotee of other gods, but, he should not be an atheist. 

If he says that he will never involve in serious devotion, you can follow your way of devotion in his absence, ie, during day time after he goes to his duty.

Now, we should know, How to make the husband a devotee of Krishna?

You first love him and take care of his needs as a good wife.  Make his heart wet with your love.
After winning his love and care towards you, follow devotion to Krishna in front of him so that he can see how sincerely you follow devotion and also take care of him.  Do not take initiation for 3-4 years after marriage and till he starts to understand your devotional practices.

Using the pulling power of your love during the first two years after marriage, call him WITH LOVE to the nearby temple and take him every week there.  The spiritual sound vibrations and the vibrations from the devotees there and the effect of temple Prasadam will definitely make him a devotee of Krishna in due course of time.

You should use your closeness with him and discuss with him with love even in bed about Krishna and the bliss involved in following His devotion.

If he demands close physical relation on any day, a wife may DEMAND with love his promise that he will come to the temple with her or he will chant Krishna's names atleast one round every day to please her and Krishna. He will definitely agree to her because he will understand that he can get ANYTHING from her if he performs atleast some devotional practices.

The wife can try these tips that may help her to make her would be or husband a devotee.