What to do if you have to get up while eating?

 What to do if you have to get up while eating?

Our elders have been very strict about watching TV or reading anything or talking much while taking food.

Because, unless we eat the food with full concentration, it will not do good for us.

And, to derive full benefits, it is advised to eat sitting on the floor.

It is said that we will become poor if we insult the food.

Ok, some times, we may have to get up while taking the food.

Some guests may come.  Vomiting sensation may be there. Someone may need your urgent help.

So, you may have to break eating and get up from eating.

In such a situation, you should not restart taking the same food after return.

You should take a new serving of food and eat.

The broken food should not be continued to eat.

This is the system recommended by our elders who followed Sanatana Dharma seriously.