Will plucking and watering Tulasi Maharani on Ekadasi disturb her?

 Will plucking and watering Tulasi Maharani  on Ekadasi disturb her?

 Plucking and watering of tulasi maharani are different.  When we pluck tulasi leaves, she gets alerted as we are plucking leaves from a part of her body when she is in dhyaan thinking of Krishna.  

On normal days, when we water her, she feels as if she is refreshed and hence she will sleep well and recover fast from her sleep.

But on ekadasi, she will be in dhyaan. SO, plucking leaves may disturb her prayers.

If a person is sleeping, if you pluck one of his hairs, he will wake up at once.  If you air him with a fan or air conditioner, he sleeps still better.  Thus, when you water tulasi plant, she gets  refreshed, not disturbed.  If you pluck a leaf, she actually gets alerted.

This is the point.  However, if you like to water her on ekadasi or dvadasi, you can avoid it because Tulasi does not need more waters.  Though you do not water on those two days, she will still live.  Now, you can decide what to do.

 If you take Krishna, we, usually give rest to Krishna deities daily before 9 pm and we end all the poojas before that.  But, on Janmashtami, we perform pujas and abhisheks even after midnight.  This does not mean we are disturbing the sleep of Krishna.  In fact, Krishna too is very happy to see that His devotees are celebrating His jayanthi day with sincerity.

Thus, watering pleases Tulasi maharani, not disturbs her.  She will sleep still happily if you water her.

However, on ekadasi day, tulasi will also be fasting as she is also a Gopi.  When you water her, it means, you break her fast.

So, avoid watering and plucking on ekadasi.