Pastimes of Radha Damodara - Story

Pastimes of Radha Damodara - Story

(From Sri Jiva Goswami's Gopala Champu,)

From Govardhana Hill a large form of Govardhana manifested.

All the Vrajavasis along with Krishna Himself then offered obeisances to that towering form.

Sri Krishna stood by with folded hands.

That great personality Govardhana bellowed, 'I shall eat all your offerings.'

He ate and drank water by emptying all the kundas around the hill.

While eating all the preparations made by the Vrajavasis with his right hand, he snapped the fingers on his left hand.

The cowherd men ran out of the way when Govardhana stretched out His hands to take more and 'called out, Aniyor! Aniyor! Aniyor! 'bring more, bring more, bring more.'

This is the greatness of the Govardhana Hill!