First, let me write why we need to lead an organized life.

I have been telling that devotees should take care of their safety, by not allowing their ‘Self’ & ‘Dignity’ sacrificed just by believing that most of the persons in this world are Perfect!  ‘Dignity’ can’t be regained easily, if lost once! So, instead of talking about modernity, equality, etc, etc, the devotees  should lead a peaceful & safe life by coordinating with spouse!

If a couple lives an understanding life, no person will dare to enter in to their family! IF THERE IS NO PLAY GROUND IN THIS WORLD, NO ONE CAN PLAY GAMES! ie, If the women values the family traditions & show to the world that her life is happy, she will be safe from the actions of Maya!

I can summerize the characters of a person like this! A person has three images: 1. The image that he is showing to others that he has!  2. The image that others think that he has!  3. The real image that he only knows! (this real face will come out when a privacy or suitable situations arise)! So, Just because a person says one, we should not trust it, but analyse it well & then decide! We have to review why he says so!

So, whether, he is a Guru or a Groom or a Bride, think well before you take decision of accepting them! Because, if it is a bride or bridegroom, you are going to entrust yourself to that person, in his control, to protect from sins & maintain it! If it is a Guru, you are going to entrust your Athma to a Guru, in his control, to protect it from contamination & maintain it! So, care is the MUST in Both the Cases!

Why Regulative Principles?

Srila Prabhupada has stipulated Four Fegulative Principles!

“Anyone serious about progressing in Krishna Consciousness must try to avoid the following sinful activities: 1.Eating meat, fish or eggs;  2.Gambling;  3.Use of intoxidants;  4.Illicit Sexual Activities! If we follow Krishna Bakthi with these prohibitted actions, it won’t give expected results!”

Why these regulations? You may ask: “Whatever, I do, let it be! My love on Krishna is true! Won’t he accept it?”

Yes! He will accept it, but, not immediately! He will do an important thing first! He will wait & see whether you correct those sinful activities on your own! If not, He will give you so many experiences that will show you that these activities are not good for spritual development!

Thus, by giving tests, he will make you skip them in due ourse of time! You will skip them one fine day! Yes, it will happen! Once He finds that you are pure, He will embrace you as closely as possible! He accepts you as a pure devotee! That is why, devotees initially get so many problems! They cry: “Oh Krishna, why do you test your devotee this much?”. They don’t know, Krishna is mercifully cleansing them!

After mercifully cleaning your all past & present sins by giving problems, Krishna takes us back to him! He never allows us on earth again! He engages us in His service eternally!

O.K! Another devotee may ask: “Why many of those who are not Krishna devotees live happily?”. Answer is: They are under maya. Maya gives them pleasure to engage them always in the material world. Why she does so?  By giving pleasures/ comforts, she makes these innocent people think that they are happy! They feel happy with a machine today, but disappointed tommorrow when it becomes faulty! They say when they get a lottery prize of 5 lakhs today, but feel upset when they lose 10 lakhs for heart surgery! They feel joy on getting Miss Universe as wife, but feels when she gets old & her skin becomes shrunk!

They are happy when they constructed a bungalow for his 6 feet body! He feels when he is at the last moments of death: “Oh, till date, I was here! How can I leave this house, wife, my loving son/daughter? What they will do if I leave? Oh, I can not see them never hereafter! How lovely my wife spoke so far? How sweetly my son kissed me? I have wasted the whole life. I want to live, but Yama is waiting to take me!”

His conscience now speaks: “Hey fool, What is the use if you cry at the time of death? Why did you fall prey to the colours of maya? How many devotees called you to come to temple with them? Did you go? Why? You thought that they are fools & going to temples! You insulted them that they do not know how to enjoy this world and They are negative minded persons! You didn’t donate even a single pie to tham! What happened now! They are happily ready to go out of this world! Because they are going to Krishna Loka! To enjoy the closest association of Krishna! They sacrificed the material comforts when you enjoyed them! So, they go to Krishna! You? Now, fear to go to yama & punishmants he is going to give for all yr sense enjoyments without caring the owner of them, Krishna! How many hours you wasted in sleeping, mating, earning excessively & spoiling the lives of others? Now, the time has come to answer them! Start, Go with the messengers of Yama! All you earned so far will not come with you, excep your sins!”

Hearing the voice of his conscience, that man, unable to do anything to prevent Yama, he loses his eyes! What to do to avoid this situation?  To avoid going with yama and face punishments & to go with Vishnu Dhoothas, we should cleanse ourselves on our own, sacrifice excessive sense gratifications, follow Krishna Consciousness seriously & happily go back to Godhead, Krishna!

I write about these Four Regulative Principles in other posts that will answer your doubts about which are allowed and which are prohibited in Sastras, under these four principles!

As there is no use in realizing them at the time of death, A man should adopt them from now! If we follow these regulative principles sincerely, we can follow Krishna Consciousness without difficulties compared to with others! We can not ride on two horses at a time! So, Let us ride on a single horse that takes us to Krishna: “Krishna Consciousness”.

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