What is intoxication? A simple definition according to me is: “Anything that induces you to use it again & again & makes your mood/ mind/ body tensioned if you don’t take them! You become dependent on them! They brings you totally under their control! If you don’t get them at a particular day/ time, your character will show total deviation from the normal character! They R representatives of maya! ”

What are the items that cause intoxication? Alcohol in any form (Some will tell you that beer & wine are good! Remember, they also have alcohol), Pan Masala, Betelnuts, tobaco (both chewing & smoking), LSD, Marijuana, Abin, Arrack, Coffee & Tea, and the cool drinks that contain coffeine! Chocolates also contain coffeine 7 other intoxicating agents!

How, these intoxicants affect the Krishna Consciousness?

Actually, all the nerves of our body are controlled by a spot in our brain called CNS, ie, Central Nervous System! Only till this CNS is healthy, whole nervous systems will be normal! If this CNS becomes affected, the man becomes always lazy, tired and inactive! Thus, Next to heart, this CNS in brain is an important part that controls our body system!

When we consume the additive products as I mentioned  like alcohol or arrack or tobacco or coffee or tea or cool drinks, etc, this CNS is induced immediately & the body becomes brisk! This sudden increase in the activity of CNS is followed by sudden fall in its activity! This sudden rise & fall of CNS activity makes the CNS inactive permanently! Let me beautifully compare this effect with a rubber band!

A rubber band is very flexible that can be used for any size of bundles to keep them intact! But, if you frequently use a rubber band again and again, you will find it elongated permanently! That is, its diameter would have become large! That rubber band has loosened & lost its grip! Similarly, sudden rise & fall in the CNS activity makes it inactive & all nerves become loosened making us always tired!

This is called NERVE WEAKNESS! If you continuously use these additive products, your nerves become weakened! You would have felt that you will be brisk immediately after consuming these products, but after some time suuden fall in your briskness! So, these products give you only temporary refreshment, and make your nerves permanently disabled! What are the effects of this nerve weakness in your life?

This nerve weakness definitely causes the following: 

1.You always feel tired/ weak; 

2.Your memory power permanently reduced; 

3.You become tensed; 

4.Your Sexual Potency  is definitely reduced, causing problems among couples; 

5.Your liver gets totally affected & leads to death afetr continuos use of alcoholic products; 

6.Your lung gets depositted with Nicotine in cigarrettes & loses its efficacy!

7.Nicotine causes breathing disorders, cancer, heart attack, Sexual impotency! 

8.Smoking causes bad breath & hence, wife & children hesitate to go close to that person! 

9.As he always feel temptation to smoke, he misses many deadlines of important assignments! So, success delayed / lost! 

10.Alcohol makes you totally forget yourself & hence whatever you do after consuming it, can not be remembered later!

11. This costs yr image! Many people sacrifice their dresses & walk casually after consuming alcohol that is seen by all his surroundings! How the society will respect him & his wife? His wife & girl children become the victims of the anti-social elements, without their fault, just because of marrying that person! Thus, alcohol makes one lose his family itself & its dignity! He loses due respect in society! Innocently his family too!

How these intoxicants affect Krishna Consciousness?

As these people are always confused in everything, whether it is family or job or business or sexual life, they maintain the same confused state of mind in their spritual practice also! He can’t mingle freely with other devotees as he will fear whether the smoke/ alcohol smell will expose himself!  He can’t attend a temple function even for 2 hrs as he needs cigarrette every hour!

A smoke/ alcohol/ drug addict always thinks negatively! He never gets an attachment in the regular activities in a society! He is going on a separate/ peculiar track! He never cares if there is no money for cooking in his house on that day! He needs a cigarrette at any cost! Thats all! If he has no money, he takes the jewels of his wife, pledge them and smoke ordrink! He never cares whether it is dharma or not! He needs his sense gratification!

How such a person can concentrate in devotional practices? Is there any way? Yes! If a smoke/ alcohol/ drug addict gets the association of pure vaishnavas, with the power of that purity, he will correct himself gradually & become a perfect person! So, an addict need not skip devotional practices! If he truly likes to lead a pure life, he can come to devotional path and purify himself! Is it Possible? How?

Srila Prabhupada achieved it! When he went to U.S for establishing Krishna Consciousness there, he stayed in an area that had full of drug addicts! He called all of them, offered Krishna Prashadam, Educated Gita & Krishna to them and made them pure devotees in a few months! The purity and good intentions of a vaishnava can achieve it! Even we have an example for this possibility!

Some devotees have preached Krishna Consciousness in jails & made some people pure & vaishnavas! They found that those acused & criminals later felt for their criminal acts! After preaching Bhagavad gita and the need for a devotional life, many of them have become the humblest devotees following devotional practices seriously!

So, be free from intoxicants and remain peaceful without fear and blissful.

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