Every living being is expected to live as per the arrangements by Krishna for them! Many people who advocate Non-Vegetarianism say that if we don’t eat animals, the cycle of the Men  & Animals will be affected as the number of animals will become more! Childish! Krishna is more brilliant than us! He has created wild animals for this purpose! They will maintain the population of animals! So, it is just a self authorization!

In Krishna’s creations, every animal eats only what it is expected to eat! Tigers never eat grass! Even an elephant that is the strongest animal, does not eat meat.  A cow never eats a goat/ dog! Man? He eats everything he sees! He eats all animals, all birds, snakes, even toasted ants & cockroaches! He never allows others free! He needs change in everything! He does not bother about rules of God! He must be satisfied. Thats all! Krishna has given variety of  tasty vegetables for him!

The non-vegetarian foods are rich in Cholesterol & they increase Rajo Guna! These cholesterol causes heart attacks & many disorders! So, A devotee should avoid them! These non-veg foods increase Sexual desires & anger, both creating problems in life! You might have seen that most of the vegetarians are satviks, ie, they lead a peaceful life! They don’t stand first in creating problems! They R mostly graceful!

If you see what happens in the slaughter shops, you won’t eat non-veg items! The animal is silently eating the grass without knowing that it is going to be killed next, after the existing stocks are exhausted! When its stomach is full, the slaughter man takes it & kills it when it cries without being protected by every one! The man then cuts it into pieces & give it to us! They are very weak in front of us! So, they die!

Krishna has given us Sixth Sense, so, we develop protection mechanism for us & protect ourselves from those animals that are stronger than us! But, these weaker animals die as they can not develop mechanisms to protect themselves! So, just because they are weaker than us, we should not kill them! Sastras allow us to kill an animal only if they are dangers to our life! Eg: Snakes! Allow silent animals to live freely!

“You advice us to avoid eating flesh, OK! But, what about eggs? Many say Eggs are vegetarians!”  But, Srila Prabhupada has said: “Sastras say, we should avoid eggs as unfertilized eggs are considered as the menstration of the hen!”.  (As women excrete unfertilized eggs every month as menstruation, hens also excrete their eggs as menstruation!) H.H.Bhakthi Vikas Swami Maharaj Says: “These foods are saturated with the modes of passion & ignorance & so, can not be offered to God”

So, anyway, better we avoid these Non-vegetarian foods & improve in Krishna Consciousness fast! Because, Krishna says in Gita to offer vegetarian foods only, not meat!

Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita (9-26): “If  One offers Me with Love and Devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I will accept it!”. As Krishna Prefers Vegetarian foods, we also should eat vegetarian foods! 

Sastras say: “Ahara suddhou satva suddhi”. That is, If the food is pure, his satvas (Body & mind) will be pure!”  The health & nature of a person’s Body & Mind depends on what he eats! Non-vegetarian foods develop thamo & rajo Gunas in our body & mind & hence we will be induced to commit offences! Krishna has given variety of tasty vegetables only for us! Why should we go for animals? Think!

I tell all of you, if anyone continues to eat Non-Vegetarian foods after reading these words by me, I pray to Krishna to show extra mercy to him! I have one more point in this topic!

You may ask: “Is it not sinful when we kill plants?”

Is Killing Plants sinful? Yes! Killing plants is also sinful.  But, as Krishna says us to kill, it is sinless! How? Arjuna killed relatives & friends & gurus in battle field as Kshatria, because, Krishna told to kill them as it is Kshatria Dharma! As Krishna has said, He likes vegetarian foods, you can kill them! No sin will be there! See, Most of the plants do not die if we pluck vegetables from them! They continue to live, except a few  types of plants!

As Krishna okayed offering plants to Him and recommended us to eat, we can eat plants.  Even milk comes from an animal.  But, as krishna permitted us to have milk, we drink milk.  Because, whatever krishna said in Bhagavad Gita is the dharma for all of us.   No need for any other dharma.

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