Let us now see another sensitive topic “Illicit Relations”. Actually this is not a bad word to discuss, as it will help to watch our children & develop them accordingly!

I will define Illicit Sexual relations simply as “Any sexual contact or just thoughts with/ about the persons other than our husband/ wife and PHYSICAL Relations with the opposite sex before marriage!”

O.K, Why these people go for extra sexual activities? Our sastras (scriptures) have given clear green signal to marry a boy/ girl!  No barrier for a legal marriage! Krishna prepares a girl in the age of 14-15 for sexual contacts & a boy in about 16-17! However, as they will not be mentally matured to face marriage relations, we should allow upto the age of atleast 20. A girl or boy can marry at anytime around the age of 20! 

They should concentrate in studies & career till that age! The problem is, all thoughts about opposite sex come only in these critical teen ages! They develop colourful thoughts about his/ her “would be”! A boy / girl imagine their future husband/ wife like a latest cine hero/ heroine! They forget that every man/ woman is just a decorated flesh covered by skin!  If a popular cine actor/ actress does not bath for 2 days, no one can go near him/ her! Thus, they too have fleshy and contaminating bodies only.

They find all girls/ boys going past him/ her as beautiful in that teen age! They like to love everyone of them! But, they find it impossible! One day, they get a groom/ bride and marry! They imagine that their husband/ wife will behave like their favorite hero/ heroine! They forget that every one in this world is different in character! No two persons are alike! They later conclude that their imaginations are wrong!

Everything goes well for a few months! After a few months of honeymoon period of marriage, both of them come to normal life of day to day problems! They involve themselves in the problems of life! Most of the boys/ girls accept the life that they got as the result of karma & lead a peaceful life, of course with small problems! But, in a certain percentage of couples, out of two persons one needs the company of  wife/ husband for more than normal! Why they think so? Reasons are there!

In Vedic Astrology,  persons are interested more in sexual activities if they have the star Venus very powerful, or, has Venus & Mars in the 7 th house, or, affected 2 nd house, etc, etc (there are more causes)!  They will be happy if they are always with their wife/ husband! But, due to the pressures of work, development of children, presence of 3rd parties, this becomes impossible! This makes that person disturbing!

These special persons who have extra lusty desires by birth, fall into Illicit activities if they get an opportunity! Now-a-days, the world has become very free to mingle with each other! This uncontrolled freedom for both men & women gives such persons courage to deviate from normal married life! After coming a round of uncontrolled sexual life, they learn later that there is nothing in Sexual life and they can never get satisfaction in excessive sexual activities till they die!

Why they are not satisfied with a single girl/ boy? Not all girls/ boys are going like that ! But the percentage is increasing because the world has become free! No secrets! Consumer culture! Plenty of media to induce the people! Only a small number of media that educate that illicit relations are not good for life! Many of the wise boys and girls escape from this cultural disaster! But, a portion of them start enjoying illicit or premarital relations.

What is the speciality in these illicit relations for them?
 Human tendency is like that ! They have a good T.V in their house, but feels that the neighbour’s T.V is better than that he has! Their wife cook tasty foods, but they say that the food of neighbour’s wife or a hotel is better than hers! Their son or daughter are gems, but they find the children of their neighbour better!

For some men and women, plucking the flowers from the garden of their neighbour is a thrilling experience, though they have many colourful flowers in their garden! So, for all these sexual deviations, the reason is: It is (falsely) thrilling for them to enjoy others’ property than that of ours! These people speak attractively and attract those men or women who have excessive sexual desires! Many persons fortunately escape, but some fall prey to their colourful words!

Later, they lose their own wife or husband because of this character and come to the roadside! They start to spoil the common public! Get arrested! Go to jails! This is the result of Illicit Sexual Relations!

O.K, Why some of the youth go foe Pre-marrital relations? First, they get girls/ boys easily as both are coming to study or job! Some of them falsely feel that there is nothing special in the Sex with the spouse as it is legal!

So, these people are thrilled in illegal actions! They feel it conservative if we follow rules! This is the pathetic situation of this society! This is the growing trend of Kali Yuga!

O.K, How to prevent these immorality in a society? First, we should see Krishna/ god in every living being and love that person because Krishna is in her/ his heart also! We should consider that the Athma is the real living being and the bodies are only flesh!

They should realize that sex is just a five to ten minutes pleasure and it leads to bondage with the opposite sex! If you touch a girl / boy, you are bound to her/ him and you lose your peace!  Another thing is: All men and women in this world are anatomically the similar & nothing is special to a certain person! None of his/ her organs are gold or platinum made! Everything is made up of flesh that smells bad if you don’t take bath for 2 days!

The same flesh will be totally contaminated once a person leaves his/ her body! Then that person is called “It”, not “he”, “She”.  Ants and small species come readily and start eating our dead body! Even our wife/ husband will tell others to dispose that “body” as soon as possible, as it starts badly smelling! So, why should a person wander for these fleshy bodies? Why can’t they be satisfied with their spouse?

Why don’t they realize that Sexual desire can never be satisfied till he/ she dies? So, a person should love his family as it is the gift given by Krishna/ god exclusively to him/ her! Deviations may be colourful and thrilling, but they will definitely realize one fine day (after losing their fame) that they could have lived   a decent and regulated life! So, the husband and wife together should lead a devotional/ Krishna Conscious family and they should be an example to the world to follow!

So, lead a regulated life as only humans can know about the actions and their reactions.  Humans should live like humans.  The freedom given to us by Lord is to learn how to get His mercy, not to lead a life worse than animals, without any regulations.

A society will be peaceful only if the people lead a regulated life with the persons and things allotted to them by Lord.

Hope all of you are clear.

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