Will chanting while doing work be effective in producing results?

 Will chanting while doing work be effective in producing results?

 A male devotee asked like this:

 “Hare Krishna Prabuji,     My name is ............, I am from ...................  I am so interesting in Krishna Consciousness.  We have ISKCON temple here also.  Every sunday,  I went to hare krishna program and have food of Lord Krishna . I would like to know some thing about Krishna Consciousness, that is..Is there any effect if we chant Hare Krishna Mantra without consciousness? I mean..we are working in office, But I am chanting Hare Krishna Mantra but..my mind will be in work ..So is there any effectiveness? I am really appreciate if you answer me .. Hare Krishna.. May God Bless you!”


I appreciate that you are chanting even while working.  That is good and I too am folowing it.  Even while typing official works or  the replies to the devotees,  I will be uttering  Hare Krishna Maha Manthra.  This keeps our consciousness focussed on Krishna only and it acts as a shield that protects us from the effect of maya.  Because, even if we allow a gap of one hour in our Krishna Consciousness, maya will catch us and divert us into karmic acts.  So, we should always be in krishna Consciousness. Your method of uttering the Manthra while working can help to keep you always engaged in K.C.

So, it definitely has effect though you do not apply your attention in that Manthra.   Because, when other people are singing cinema songs while working, you are chanting Krishna’s Name.  This shows that you give importance to Krishna, not maya.

So, you will get the mercy of Krishna.  However, I like to add a point.   Though you are chanting Hare Krishna even while working, YOU MUST CHANT ATLEAST A FEW ROUNDS AS AN EXCLUSIVE ASSIGNMENT.  If you are busy chant atleast one round as EXCLUSIVE ASSIGNMENT.  Because, you can apply your total attention on Krishna that will have 100% effects.

So, chant privately a few times and after that chant while working.

TAIL PIECE:  If you are going to do any job that needs your 100% attention, otherwise you will be in danger of accidents or loss of project, stop chanting at that time.  First finish that work keeping Krishna in mind and then chant.

All the best.