Will Krishna Give Mukti to His devotees? Why?

 Will Krishna Give Mukti to His devotees? Why?

It is said in the Adi Purana, "A person who is constantly engaged in chanting the holy name and who feels transcendental pleasure, being engaged in devotional service, is certainly awarded the facilities of devotional service and is never given just mukti [liberation]."

Mukti means liberation from material contamination; when liberated, one does not have to take birth again in the material world. 

The impersonalists desire to merge into the spiritual existence, to end their individual existence, but according to Srimad-Bhagavatam, mukti is only the beginning of one's becoming situated in his normal condition. 

The normal condition of every living entity is to be engaged in the devotional service of the Lord. 

From the statement of the Adi Purana it appears that a devotee is satisfied simply with being engaged in devotional service. He does not aspire for any liberation from material, conditional life. In other words, anyone who is engaged in devotional service is not in the material condition of life, although he may appear so.

Therefore, the devotees of Krishna will not be given Mukti By Krishna, but, they will be given Krishna Himself and an eternal service in His kingdom.