A Simple Formula to go back to godhead Krishna!

A Simple Formula to go back to godhead Krishna!

Rituals alone will not take us Back to Godhead Krishna, ie to Vaikunta or Goloka. Rituals should take us to the next stage of change of consciousness within us gradually that will take you back to Krishna.  

If you do not follow the following formula, immediate elevation to Krishna's kingdom Goloka is not possible.

The simple and single formula to Go Back to Godhead Krishna immediately is:


If you need to associate with a thief, you too need to be a thief. 

If you like to associate with a cine actor, you too should be an actor or any other cine personality.

Even among animals, a cat is unable to associate with a dog.

Since Krishna is the 100% pure personality, we too must become Pure devotees!

I have given these examples just to show that only the like minded persons can remain in association.

Same applies in associating with Krishna.

We are contaminated with so much of material attachments. Attachment with spouse, children, vhotel foods, devices and instruments, dresses, etc.

We remain happy with the addition of materials and material relations. We are taking care of Krishna also. We are using Krishna like pickles or jam, ie, as a side prodiuct.

How to go Back to Godhead Krishna in Goloka too fast?

Unless we do not develop the material detachment and attachment to Krishna, these rituals will remain just as rituals.

These rituals play major role in developing our dedication to Krishna. But, if you are really dedicated to Krishna, you will NATURALLY follow detachment in material affairs and things and attachment to Krishna.

Great acharyas and many exalted vaishnavas do not anything except Krishna.
Until we develop such mentality, we are just doing rituals.


This formula is the basis of your devotional life.

Just evaluate yourself. If you still give much attachment to materials, you are slowly growing in devotion and you need to show more dedication to Krishna.

Gopis were in great spiritual platform in which they see only Krishna everywhere. Only Krishna is everything for them. Their other relatives are just bodily relations.

We may be a good devotee of Krishna.. Fine. We too speak about Krishna. Do some rituals. Good. Very good.

But,  we still have the domination of some material attachments. This is preventing us from going totally surrendered to Krishna.

My only and Standing advice to go back to Krishna is: Develop total dedication to Lord. Keep on checking whether you are developing material detachment and hence losing interest in excessive material additions.

If you have come to this position, that means, you have already got Krishna in this body itself.

Develop your consciousness fully as Krishna Consciousness. Keep away the materials and desert your desires to achieve them unnecessarily. Instead, use those essential materials for Krishna’s service.

This change of consciousness may take some time. But, it is possible with sustained efforts with strong resolution.