How to avoid love affairs deviating you from devotion to Krishna?

How to avoid love affairs deviating you from devotion to Krishna?

Material love affairs with a person is for body.  Devotional practices are for you, ie, athma.

You should be able to differentiate both material love and spiritual love to Krishna.

If a devotee truly and seriously loves Krishna, he/ she will not get distracted from Krihna.

Love between a devotee and a non devotee, will affect the devotional practices. At the same time, if two devotees love, they will unite on the platform of devotion, cooperate with themselves and hence they can follow the devotional practices together better.

Such a love enhances the devotional involvement further.

However, mostly, love affects their devotional practices because of  discussing mundane matters, allowing their devotion to get liquidated.

Even among students, their love affairs affect their concentration in studies and hence they start to perform less in studies.

Thus, you can understand that the love should be in a position to involve your mind more in devotion, not to divert the mind from devotion.

The devotion will make us matured to face any situation in a balanced manner. If the external factors affect our devotion, that means, we are not strong in devotion to Krishna.

Even in the case of love, the devotees discuss more about how to serve Lord together and how to improve in devotion further.  They do not discuss like material lovers about the physical aspects of each other.

The devotees should be more intelligent and they should not act emotionally.

If you are chanting with a dedicated heart, such material relations will not make any negative impact in your dedication.  If you have allowed your emotions dominate your devotional practices, hereafter, you should not allow the same.

Therefore, whenever you get an offer of love,  Tell him/ her that you want your marriage life to enhance your devotion and not drag you back.

To achieve this, he/ she too should involve in devotional practices and also help you grow in devotion.  Ask him/ her whether he can do this for you.

If he/ she agrees and promises, both of you discuss your parents and join in marriage as early as possible.  This will put an end to all the oscillations and dilution of mind from devotion.

After marriage, both of you involve sincerely in devotion.

Clearly discuss with him/ her that you should be allowed to follow the devotional practices without getting affected and he/ she should talk to your parents and marry you within a few months.

I have been advising not prolong the love relations excessively that may get liquidated even before marriage.  Therefore, once you get an offer, marry earlier.

Hope this helps.