Pitru dosha is a Sin/ Offense committed against the parents by the children that reflects in the horoscope of present birth for children. Our sins will reflect as Pitru dosha in our next birth as well as for our future generations. 

Because of your sins against your parents, your children too will acquire some Pitru dosha. Any pain we give for the elders will make our next generations to suffer.  That is why, we are expected to lead a merciful life honouring the elders.

Pitru dosha - Causes:
(1) In case your ancestors had committed serious crimes like killing, spoiling the purity of women, cheating the women, abducting the properties of others, etc, they pass this Pitru dosha to their successor generations.

(2) If a son or grandson fails to perform the rituals after the death of his parents and after every year, this too adds pitru dosha to the son or grandson.

(3) If the son or daughter tortures his/ her parents, he/ she acquires Pitru dosha.

The parents may sometimes need the support of their son more. The wife may prevent her husband from helping them.  Then, it may add some karma for the wife and Pitru dosha for your children or grand children.

In general, a wife should feel happy until her husband does not torture her.  If he spends more time with his parents, she also get free time to perform some other useful activities like devotional practices,  part time earning, reading, etc.

A wise wife will feel happy if her husband spends more time with his parents. Because, she is free to follow extra curricular activities and devotional practices.


No happiness in family.  Unmarried children. Childlessness. Diseases in family.  Unnatural or sudden deaths in family.  Enmity with relatives and within family.


REMEDY - (1):

The remedy is called TILAK HOMA to be performed by experienced brahmanas on the banks of important holy rivers or sea such as Kashi in Utter Pradesh, Gaya in Bihar, Allahabad (Triveni Sangam) in Utter Pradesh and Rameshvaram in Tamilnadu. These Four places are very powerful in removing Pitru dosha. If you go these places through tour operators, they themselves will arrange good brahmanas to perform this tilak homa. Performing in any one place will be sufficient.  After that, you should offer food to the crows regularly and also perform rituals on every amavasya and also the annual ritual on the thithi of the death of parent or grand parent.
REMEDY -(2):

If are unable to perform this Tilak homa, you can donate a young cow, with some money to protect that cow to a poor Brahmana.
REMEDY - (3):

The best remedy is: If you aim for moksha and go back to Krishna, all the seven past and future generations will also be automatically relieved and attain mukti, ie, SALVATION.

REMEDY - (4):

Feel for your offenses of previous births and  resolve to be merciful towards others hereafter. Then, cry in front of the deities of Krishna and assure Him that you will never behave without mercy and you will treat your parents and elders with respects and honours hereafter.  Then, follow this in letter and spirit.  This is the best and immediate parihar for Pitru dosha.

The first two Parihars may fail if the dosha is very severe. But, the last two parihars will give definite results.