Will Our involvement in Devotion affect our Career Growth?

Will Our involvement in Devotion affect our Career Growth?

“Where there is Krishna, there will be Lakshmi too.”, as said by H.H.Jayapataka Swami.

We have heard many devotees donating lakhs, even crores of rupees for constructing temples, distributing Prasadam or books, as donations, etc.

How do they get money? Krishna gives them.

Thousands of devotees have contributed generously for the services of Lord and constructing the temples.

The devotees do not work longing for becoming financially rich.  However, Krishna takes care of their all needs.

This is assured by Krishna Himself in Bhagavad Gita.

So, a devotee need not fear for loss of his resources for life if he engages in the devotion. Krishna never lets His devotees down. He assures that His devotees never perish.

Just skip your attachments to results and benefits.  Krishna never said to stop our assigned works.

Krishna further says that  we can not take care of even our body if we do not do our assigned duties.
He too is working to maintain His unimaginable creations.

We work.  Some money comes.  With the money, we spend for our living and also for the service of Krishna.

We are expected to skip our attachments with these things. Instead, we accept whatever is given by the Lord when we perform our assigned duties as the gift of Krishna.

Everything is owned by Krishna and we own nothing.  When we handle everything given by Krishna as the properties of Krishna and if we engage them in His service and for our basic living, then, Krishna pours more and more opulence to His devotees.

So, the problem is only in our mindset.  Not in the devotional way of life.

We should not have a owner mindset and we should not develop pride seeing our belongings.

The devotees are also working, doing business, etc.  But, they always remember Krishna while working and they do not forget the owner Krishna.

Since they consider Krishna as the real owner, they do not develop pride. So, they do not like to waste the resources of Krishna.  They spend sparingly.  They lead a simple life but with rich thoughts of Krishna.

The devotees know the value of every resource of Krishna. If we sacrifice excessive material opulence and follow the devotional practices along with our assigned duties, Krishna becomes very happy and starts to protect us.

The devotees of Krishna are not poor.  They are simple.  That's all. 

So, involving in devotional practices does not demotivate us.  It makes us matured and balanced in our every activity.

Be happy to be a devotee of Lord Krishna.  Follow devotion sincerely. Krishna will take care of all your needs.  Don’t worry.