Why many devotees remain unmarried whereas many others marry earlier?

Why many devotees remain unmarried whereas many others marry earlier?

Is it the mercy of Krishna only if He gives early marriage?   No.

The mind is like a monkey.  Now, your mind is thinking that she got married but you are not.  In case, your marriage got arranged before her, you will feel that she is pitiful and she is remaining without getting married.  

In fact, you should feel happy for her getting married, because, you will be free from her as you do not like her. If an unwanted person leaves for a far away place from you, you should feel happy because, Krishna has done only good for you.

Therefore, taking her away from you is the real mercy of Lord.  Let her get married and live happy.

Do you think that getting married first is a great success in life?  No. She may have to face challenges in her life.  The husband and the in-laws should be adjustive.  She should get children in time.

Therefore, a boy or girl is taking a risk when they get married. Everything should happen as good to them.  Otherwise, they may have to suffer, or they may have to adjust with the uncooperative husband or in-laws.

Therefore, do not think her getting married first as a success for her.  It may even be a challenge.  Pray for her well being in her married life.

If your marriage is delayed, it may even be for your good.  Some persons may have delayed marriage.  If they marry earlier, they may suffer for some years or face divorce. Since you are a devotee,  Krishna delays your marriage for your goodness only.  

As per her karma, she has early marriage.  As per your karma, you may have marriage with some delay.  This may be a protection given by the Lord to you to avoid any separation later.

Go to her marriage, bless her happily and pray to the Lord for her goodness.

You too will get a good match as early as possible and try sincerely for a right match who is from a good family background.

Even being unmarried all the time will be the mercy of Krishna if you have the karma of suffering in married life. So,if some devotees are unmarried, that means, Krishna is protecting them from possible tortures destined for him in future.

This is the right understanding!