Why can't we feed the Poor instead of feeding Krishna?

Why can't we feed the Poor instead of feeding Krishna?

We can not offer any of our belongings to Krishna, because, all are the properties of Krishna.

The wealth that man have are actually ownd by Krishna.  Krishna is the owner of all the wealth.


“Bhagavan,ie, Krishna is the one who is full of  SIX OPULENCES---who has FULL STRENGTH, FAME, WISDOM, WEALTH, BEAUTY AND RENUNCIATION.”
Thus, Krishna has all the 100% wealth available in His creations. Therefore, He does not require anything from us.

Krishna sees only the love with which we give things to Him.  Not the things we offer.  

We can even sing and offer our voices to Krishna, and we can offer other things. Krishna says, patram pushpam phalam toyam: “You can offer Me a leaf or a fruit or some water or a little juice—just something small—and I’ll accept it.”

Since we realize that all the wealth that we have belongs to Krishna, we spend a part of it for the service of Krishna that is a gratitude shown by us to Krishna.

If you have plenty of wealth, you can use or donate for constructing temples for Krishna.

If you earn in lakhs, you can sponsor some sevas (services) in temples and support for renovation of temples  or  for  new facilities for temple.

If you earn in thousands, you can purchase Bhagavad Gita and distribute to new devotees; Or, you can sponsor for Prasadam Distribution in temples.

If you do not earn anything, you can just gift even a few rupees for Krishna or offer some flowers or fruits to the temple.
If you are the poorest one or unemployed or just studying now and like to help through the services, you can physically help in temples.

You can help the temples that has no or less revenue so that the pujaris live happily.

You can do whatever you can.   Krishna does not need anything from you.

A devotee of God thinks that he just wants to please the Lord; similarly, the Lord thinks. “I just want to please My devotee.”

Vedic literatures say:

"yasmin tushte jagat tushtam:  I
f you please God, you don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else.”
If you pour water on the root of a tree, you don’t have to worry about the leaves, and branches. Similarly, if you want to do anything for anybody else in this world, do it for God, and then everything will work out perfectly.

If you offer food to Krishna, that food is becomes a prasadam that is freed from karma.
If you offer monetary offerings to Krishna, your wealth is purified and thus get freed from karma.

Therefore, use part of your earning, wealth or your body or knowledge for Krishna and purify them.

Thus, become karma free and make Krishna Happy.