Is advising the violating persons good for the devotees?

 Is advising the violating persons good for the devotees?

To advise others, there should be two requirements:

(i) The person who advise should be a COMMANDING and popular figure or a VIP or a powerful person.

(ii) The person who advise should be a repectable and trustworthy and influential relative or friend.

(iii) The person who advise should be the close and unavoidable person.

In both the cases, the people should have some FAITH and CRAZE with the advising person.

Otherwise, we can not advise others.

See when an ordinary person advise another person on road, it may not have value.

Even for the welfare schemes of the governments, they use VIPs like cinema stars for promoting the schemes.

A person will not hear if his neighbor tells something.  The same person will do when his favourite cinema star tells the same.

So, influencing command is necessary for advising others.

However, we can indicate the mistake of anyone only once if he is known to us.

If he is someone whom we do not know, we need not advise because he may not hear.

We should advise only to those who are interested in hearing.

If we advise someone who is not at all interested in hearing getting advised, there will be no use in such advices.

Krishna too wants us to advise. But, how?

He advices us in Bhagavad Gita (18-68,69) to preach Bhagavad Gita ONLY TO THOSE WHO LIKES TO HEAR AND ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT ENVIOUS AT KRISHNA.

He also says that such a devotee wil be His dearest devotee.

The point is that we should advise only to those who likes to hear.

How can we determine whether he will hear or not?

He may be known to us; or our relative; or, our student; or, our friend;

If the abve four is not there, We should be powerful to advise.

And, if the person falls in any one of the above categories, we should advise just only once and then leave.

If he is unknown to us, we may tell any influential person to advise him.

Or, we may leave the spot.

The lord has blessed us with the knowledge and command to advise others. In such cases, we should advise once in a friendly manner and leave the spot.

But, we should never influence or compel a person to hear our advice.

He will hear our advice only if he has the karma os getting corrected by a good adviser.

See, I have hundreds of messages from the devotees who tell that their whole life has changed because of our Preaching services.

How was it possible?

Because (i) Sincere following of the purity level by the preacher (ii) Krishna and (iii) the preacher’s Guru Parampara – all together give such strength and command to cause impact in the minds of others.

That is why, this service has only one motto of counselling, ie, advising others since the year 2011 and still our advices are respected by the followers.

Can an ordinary man change the drinkers as good devotees?

Acharyas including Srila Prabhupada did.

So, you can genty advice only once to anyone you know well and have good rapport.

Do not pressurize him and do not expect him to hear your advice.

And, ensure that you are not doing that mistake before advising others.