Celebrating Gaura Purnima at home!

Celebrating Gaura Purnima at home! 

Celebrating Gaura Purnima at home is simple.

Just clean the house and altar/ Puja room.Offer flowers to the deities/ pictures of Sri Caitanya Maha prabhu, Krishna and acharyas.

Offer delicious food to the Lord Krishna and Maha Prabhu together IN THE EVENING. Offer fruits in the morning.

In the evening, you can prepare puris, yoghurt and cucumber salads, sweets like Halwa that is flavored with almonds, saffron, cardamom, etc coated with butter and offer to Krishna and Maha Prabhu and then honour after 7 PM.

Offer worship to Maha prabhu using agarbathis and chanting Pancha Tatva Manthra and Hare Krishna Maha Manthra.

Chant as much as possible on Gaura Purnima because nothing except chanting can please Maha Prabhu much.


Read the following Life History of Sri Caitanya on Gaura Purnima day.Fasting from food till the MOONRISE, or, safely till 7 PM. You can take water. Those who are under medications may take fruits or get the advice of your doctor. Do not be over enthusiastic if you have any physical ailments.

After 7 Pm, take prasadam without grains (anukalpa prasadam) after offering to the Lord Krishna/ Maha Prabhu.