How to honour the holy waters in Ponds and rivers?

How to honour the holy waters in Ponds and rivers?

When you visit the temples, you can see the Ponds.

Or, you may like to take bath in the holy rivers.

Can you just go and enter into the water there?

No. It is an offense.


When you go near the water, first take some water in your palms and spray to your head.

Then, you should pray to the predominant deity of that temple if it is the temple pond, or, the river devatha name if it is a holy river.


"Oh, Sri Narayana (or) Oh Durga ji  (or) Oh, Gange  (or) Oh, Kaveri....Please forgive me for putting my feet into your holy waters. Please make me pure and help me grow in my devotional consciousness"

Then, you can enter into the water.

In general, you may avoid taking bath in the temple ponds;  If the temple permits, follow the above process.  

And, never use any soaps or any herbs for cleaning the body or hairs while taking dip in the holy Ponds. In rivers, you can use soaps.

Do not urinate in the holy ponds or rivers that is a great offense.

Visit the holy places with spiritual thoughts and do not think or do mundane material things during holy visits.

Do as much dharma as possible in the holy places.