Making the life meaningful and useful!

Making the life meaningful and useful!

Many devotees confuse themselves as if they are wasting their life.

What do you mean by ‘successful life’?

Becoming the richest in the world?

It is not an achievement because you can not carry even a single piece of money with you when you leave.

Becoming the most respected business or political person?

Sorry, It is not an achievement because after you die, even your spuse will not allow to keep your body for more than a few hours. So, your material fame too leaves with your soul.\

Having more company of girls and boys?


Though most of the devotees feel fortunate to be the devotees of Krishna, Some devotees have an psychological issue.

They compare their status with that of materially successful persons.

They feel for their financial insufficiency comparing with the rich persons.

They feel as if they are unable to eat freely like others do.

They feel as if they are wasting the time when others use that time and grow fast in their material life.

This is wrong even at the basic level.

Becoming materially prosperous is not an achievement.

Only those who have atleast started the process of reviving the Krishna Consciousness that is hiding in everyone of us.

Now decide whether you are a successful person or not from the following checklist:

(i) You may not have advanced in devotional practices yet. No problem.

Have you started the practice of adopting the Krishna Consciousness and chanting the Holy names of the lord? Are you following the regulative principles?

It is sufficient.  Don’t worry. Other things will automatically follow in due course of time.  Just start with chanting and regulative principles. Krishna will take care of your devotional growth.

(ii) Are you having some genuine earning sources that help you to lead a dignified life? Don’t worry. Be satisfied with what earning you have and genuinely keep trying for good earning without tensing yourself. You are not living to become the richest person. You have to taken birth to feel, practice and get Krishna. This is the only purpose of our life. Other requirements are necessary for a normal living.

(iii) Do you have normal health?  Good. It is the big asset for you. Be satisfied.

(iv) Do you have a good family?  Very good. It is also favourable for you.

(v) You have basic facilities atleast to live in this world. You have faith that Krishna will take care of your needs and He will not let you down. Most importantly, you are the most fortunate to get introduced to Krishna Consciousness in this birth that is not given to many.

Then, you are the most fortunate soul on earth.

“You have basic needs of life. You have Krishna with you.”

What else you want?

When majority of the people are lacking in Krishna Consciousness, you have Krishna with you.

So, you are better than many others.

Be happy about that. Do not feel seeing the colourful material world.

This material world will never let you sleep peacefully if you give more importance for the material affairs.

Think beyond these short lived material success that will not come with you when you leave this world, feel fortunate to have Krishna who comes with you even beyond your death.

So, every devotee is very fortunate. Though they are a starting level devotee.