Managing family and devotion simultaneously as said by Lord Caitanya!

  Managing family and devotion simultaneously as said by Lord Caitanya!

Many devotees have this problem.

If they involve in Krishna Consciousness more, they lose interest in family, job, business, marriage… etc.

If they involve in their family, job, business, marriage… etc, more, they lose interest in Krishna Consciousness.

This material world is full of challenges and competitions.

So, attachment with devotion causes irritation in material life;

Attachment with material life causes irritation in devotion.

I have been silently watching the competition and jealousy even among many immatured devotees who are fighting between material and devotion.

How can a devotee who is involving in devotion be a jealous person?

Because, he is not ready to give up his original material attachments and ego. He is not yet matured.

He is in the intermediate and transition state.

Wherever there is Krishna, there should be mercy, kindness as well as intelligence.

See, a matured devotee will not hate his family members and this material world. He would like to see Krishna in His creations. He will not doubt vaishnavas. Instead, he will be so kind to every person.  He can not hate anyone and he can not be a cunning person.

It is very clear:

(i) We can not escape from the material duties though we practice Krishna Consciousness.

(ii) We should nt give up devotional practices and services just because we have material duties.

Then, how to do both?

Very simple.

We should become actors.


Yes, Read what Sri Caitanya maha Prabhu said:

In One of His reply to Sri Rupa Goswami Mahaprabhu explained to him:,

"As a woman who is attached to another man makes a show of being devoted to her husband, so you should, while being internally attached to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna, externally make a show of being engaged in your worldly duties. Krishna will bestow His mercy on you very soon."

That’s all.

Have REAL attachment with Krishna.

Act as if you have attachment with the material world.


Now, you can REALLY follow Krishna Consciousness and also FALSELY satisfy your material duties.