Violations in Vrindavan - How to come out of the sins?

 Violations in Vrindavan - How to come out of the sins?

A Male devotee:

(1) How can I rectify my biggest Apradh of having physical relationship in Vrindavan before marriage. (Please answer this briefly with practical tips)

(2) Is it true that I'll never be able to do devotional services now in this life?

(3) Did I made a mistake by promising her for marriage?

(4) As this is inter caste marriage, I have told my parents about her (but not told about physical relationship) for first time in 2019, but they do not agree for our marriage.


Even touching a girl before marriage is prohibited in Indian culture.

You both have wandered everywhere. That itself is a violation. Then, you now feel for physical relations in Vrindavan.

Even going to Vrindavan with a girl friend before marrying her is a violation.

In Our Indian culture, even a father is not expected to touch his daughter after her age of 8 unnecessarily. His touching areas are restricted to head and shoulders with affection.

The present culture of daughters tightly hugging the fathers in the running bikes is absolutely against the scriptures and culture.

If this is the case even in the case of a father and daughter, what to say about stayng for three days with a girl friend in Vrindavan.

I beg the young devotees not to go to Vrindavan unless you can be pure there in thoughts and actions.

Vrindavan is not a material touring spot.

It is a pilgrimage of the highest standard.

Vrindavan is the land of Vrinda – Tulasi devi.

Tulasi devi expects 1000% purity from us in thoughts and actions. Vrinda never bears impurity. Even when a devotee touches her (the plant) without bathing, she (the plant) feels impure and dies.

If anyone commits so much of sexual violations and also touches tulasi plant, she dies without willing to live there.

If this is the case for even a single plant, just imagine how painful for her if we commit violations in her holy land.

Its alright. You have committed violations.

Except Vaishnava Offense, all violations can be forgiven by Krishna if you resolve that you will never commit such violation of regulative principles and and beg for forgiveness in front of a tulasi plant kept in a temple.

If you follow this till you both die, you can be forgiven.

And, unless you do not marry that girl, you will take next birth as a girl and face similar situation by a boy.

So, do not think of escaping from violations and your assurance that you will marry her.

She has lost her virginity because of you.  So, it is your responsibility to marry her at any cost – even against your parents.

First convince your parents telling that you and she have gone deeper in relations.

If they refuse even after that, first marry her and then convince the parents.

Of course she too is the cause for this violation.  If a girl stays with a boy for three days daringly, she deserves that punishment.  But, though a boy commits violation being induced by a girl, she is committed to marry her because he lost his intelligence and dharma.

So, if you marry her and ask for forgiveness from Vrinda as explained above, you need not worry about past violations.

If you do not marry her, rebirth and facing karma is sure.

Please act wisely.