Good and Bad deeds - Which will give reactions fast?

 Good and Bad deeds - Which will give reactions fast?

This is an interesting question.

One performs many good deeds and also bad deeds in his life time.


Will the good deeds reduce the punishments for the bad deeds?

No.  You will enjoy good reactions for good deeds and problems for bad deeds.

One after another.

One will not reduce or nullify another.

Ok, which will come first?  Good reactions or bad reactions?

Bad reactions, ie, problems come first.

Dharma, ie, good reactions, comes at the end.


How can I believe your reply?

Let us see the example of KARNA.

Karna did so many dharma, dhaan.

At the same time, he did many bad deeds in the company of Duryodhana.


He was killed for his bad deeds.

Dharma came at the end of life only giving him good status and getting blesssed by Krishna Himself in person..

What this shows?

Bad deeds affect us faster than good deeds.

So, we should not think that bad reactions will not come near us just because we do some good deeds also.

We should totally avoid bad deeds.