Spiritual Path is also for women -Story

 Spiritual path is also for women - Story

(As explained in Brhadharanyaha Upanishad)

Yagnavalkia is a great saint.

He wanted to desert his grahastha (family) life and become a sanyasi.

He told his decision to his two wives.

A wife asked him:

"Can a person attain higher status using his wealth?"

The saint said:

"No.  Wealth can increase attachments only. It can't elevate a person in the spiritual path"

The wife asked:

"Ok Ji...then, why do you leave this much of wealth for us? Why should we use that wealth without a spiritual elevation? Please give us the same path you are following. We too will get elevated."

The saint realized that the males leave material wealth to them to degrade them, but the males alone get elevated.  

He then agreed that the women too should be given opportunity to try for elevation by acquiring the gyan (knowledge). 

Then, he gave opportunity for his wives also to learn spirituality.


Brhadharanyaha Upanishad approves the women aiming for spiritual elevation.