Importance of 'OHM' as said by Santhokya Upanishad!

 Importance of 'OHM' as said by Santhokya Upanishad!

Santhokya Upanishad explains the importance of OHM in the beginning itself.

They are:

(i) Ohm is called UdGita.

(ii) OHM is the essence of all the jeevans (living beings)

(iii) The essence of soil is water;  

The essence of  water is plants;  

The essence of  plants is man;  

The essence of  is his words; 

The essence of  of words is Rig Veda (Manthras); 

The essence of  Rig is Sama veda;  

The essence of Sama is UtGita, ie, OHM.

(iv) Three types of knowledge exists because of Ohm only.

(v) Ohm recited in Yagas means calling the celestials.

(vi) OHM is very effective.

(vii) Pronouncing the word OHM means Praising the Supreme Person.

(viii) The celestials considered OHM denoting even the senses and the soul.