The Role of a Guru in the life of People!

The Role of a Guru in the life of People!

Why a guru is required is explained by Upanishads. 

The man is caught by the thieves in the form of his deeds of karma.

Then, he is left in the forest of samsara.

His eyes have been screened by Moha, Desires, Attachment, the feeling of ownership, effects of success and failures, the attachment with children, desires with spouse, mercy with the relatives, Pride of having wealth, etc.

All the above emotions cause a worry in his mind that what will happen for the spouse,, children, wealth, etc.

SO, he is crying within his heart.

If gets a good guru in this stage, because of the preaching of that guru, the moha that was screening his eyes are removed and he gets clarity.

He also realizes which path is his real path to proceed in the life further.

Then, he gets elevated and gets liberated from the material bondage.

This is the role of a guru - Removing the Moha and showing the right path for the people.